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Are you a news junkie?

If you're like me, you probably want more than just news. Analysis and opinion, political blogs, social satire and random funny stuff thrown in to lighten the mood - and we've got our daily fix. Right?

All right then.

Go grab a drink, settle in, and nose around the site to quench your thirst for information, insight, thought provoking questions and inspirational thoughts to keep you going.

What's that you say? Tired of tedious, serious reporting or blathering, senseless rants? Me too.

So, I have some surprises for you.

Odd News Trends - Under-Reported News, Analysis and Opinion

It's not always true that the headline news tells you what is really important. There's a lot of b-list news that deserves a lot more attention than it gets. When you follow the news a LOT, like I do, then you begin to watch trends develop in areas you may not expect. I'll act as your trend spotter for the kinds of news story that tends to get brushed aside as bizarre news to act as filler in the local newspaper or local daily news on tv or radio. The Ninety Days of News feature will highlight odd news trends that don't get the attention they deserve.

News Satire

Why stick with just one talking head? And why just stick to the headline news? Analysis and opinion is provided by more than one "columnist". Breaking news stories provide lots of fodder for comment. Columnist Patty Progressivoffers both fact and opinion. Political satire is the forte of Nick neoCon, while his "brother", Richered neoCon, focuses on social satire, and offers his business opinions.And all of them offer you, dear reader, the freedom to talk back. As long as you're civil, of course. :-)

Thought Provoking Questions

Is it possible to just read the news without new questions appearing in your mind? I didn't think so.

The Thought for the Day section presents some questions that come out of watching news trends and events. On a good day, it should spark some deep thoughts about the how and why of workings in our society. And there's room to add your own analysis and opinion too.

Random Funny Stuff

Humor and satire is scattered everywhere on this site. But no news watch is complete without random funny facts and cartoons. Scan the offerings of funny but true, weird news stories, and add your own.

Cartoons are a welcome break too.

My favorites are cartoons that offer social satire. And I think that the best funny political cartoons are both chuckle worthy and insightful.

I'm always on the lookout for both, and you'll find opportunity to add your own cartoons too. Contest anyone?

Progress Reports and Inspirational Thoughts

One of the risks of being a news junkie is falling into a funk. Too often the headline news is bad or sad, and it can all feel a bit overwhelming, right?

To offset that, look for the offerings of progress reports - news of projects that are making a positive difference in our world - smart random acts.

In the midst of upheaval, there is always opportunity, and there are a lot of folks who are seizing the moment and helping create a happier, more sustainable society. They deserve all the attention they can get.

Just reading about some of the great things going on can lighten your mood, and provide inspiration. And you can help the process by adding your own analysis and opinion too.

To help that along, there are also favorite quotes and other inspirational thoughts to keep you motivated. And, as always, feel free to add your own!


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