Is it still "America, Land of the Free!" or...

I know, I know... it is true that compared to many countries, America still does offer freedoms that others can only dream of.  And, it's also true that there are new freedoms that are evolving in society, too.  I get it.

But still, there are seems to be an ever-increasing number of news items that question the validity of the general premise.

And the reductions in freedom come from several directions too.

America, Land of the Not Quite So Free

To many, the source of reduced freedom in America is always the government in Washington - and it's true that there are some disturbing events on that front.  Not the least of which involve the NSA.

But, looking at only the federal government misses a whole lot of other restrictions that have crept up in America - sometimes from surprising sources, and in surprising ways.  

In the interest of shining a light on this disturbing trend, I've set up this page to collect incidents, and I invite commentary and your findings of freedom loss too.  Add your comments or add your own story below.

Note... Along with that trend of losing true freedoms, is the sometimes nefarious practice of using a proclaimed "freedom" for one group as a method to take freedoms away from another group.  This alone is a Big Issue that deserves its own study.... but let's leave those situations out of this discussion...

Instead, this page is to identify the use of rules or practice that challenge the freedoms of people in sometimes unusual ways, both big and small...

Here are some news stories that show a deteriorating sense of freedom...

Freedom of Movement - or not...

Freedom of movement - or not...
  • Race based Stop and Frisk - a common practice for New York City Police - for African Americans a common occurrence, yet unusual for Caucasian Americans.  Mayor defended practice.
  • TSA demands incontinent seniors remove diapers before boarding plane.  Not just a one-off occurrences of an over-zealous security officer - policy!
  • Scared adults enact city ordinances setting curfew for all teenagers.  Not allowed to be out in public at night without adult supervision. 

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