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Entitled men are more likely to endorse hostile views of women

This may help explain why real movement towards gender equality change comes so slowly at the top… Entitled attitudes appear to be linked to sexism —

Continue reading "Entitled men are more likely to endorse hostile views of women"

Michigan Home Destroyed By Natural Gas Explosion and Fire while family on vacation

Imagine going on vacation, only to come home and discover that your home has exploded. That’s what happened to an unlucky family in Grand Rapids, Michigan,

Continue reading "Michigan Home Destroyed By Natural Gas Explosion and Fire while family on vacation"

Gas pipeline explosion injures two contractors in Michigan

Another case of construction work causing a natural gas explosion when their equipment hits a gas line…. Richmond Township residents reported hearing

Continue reading "Gas pipeline explosion injures two contractors in Michigan"

Cougar attack on toddler - Vancouver Island, Canada
(29 Aug 2011)

An 18 month old toddler was the victim of a cougar attack. The attack occurred about 6 pm, while the family was at a popular beach at Kennedy Lake, near

Continue reading "Cougar attack on toddler - Vancouver Island, Canada
(29 Aug 2011)"

Is Hillary Clinton Invisible?

Is Hillary Clinton Invisible? You'd think so, judging by the amount of time we get to see her speak on

Continue reading "Is Hillary Clinton Invisible?"

Shining the light on #FHRITP

When a City TV reporter was harassed live on air with yet another hooligan dude-bro shouting FHRITP at her, she decided she'd had enough and questioned

Continue reading "Shining the light on #FHRITP "

Atheism is not a religion

As more and more people self-identify as atheist, the more push-back there is from people who aren't. And one of the bedrock beliefs that non-atheists

Continue reading "Atheism is not a religion"

Clear thinking on public policy

This article should be read by all politicians and people working on public policy. Edward Keenan brings clarity and reality to public policy on poverty and hopelessness.

Continue reading "Clear thinking on public policy"

Apples for Eve?

Maybe we finally have found the real reason that Eve was told not to eat apples in the Garden of Eden...

Continue reading "Apples for Eve?"

Sexual consent is....

Sexual consent is too low a bar.... Aim for Enthusiasm! This is the kind of thought that makes your heart smile. How nice to be able to clearly, simply

Continue reading "Sexual consent is...."

Sexual Consent Is....

It's amazing that in this day and age that we are STILL talking about sexual consent.

It shouldn't be that hard to figure it out, right?

And yet, amazingly way too many people claim that they misunderstood....

Here's a fresh approach... look beyond consent!

Continue reading "Sexual Consent Is...."

Wild dogs attack and kill 4 people in park near Mexico City

Pack of Dogs in Mexico Kills Four People Mexico Moderate // Animal Attack A pack of stray dogs killed four people, including a mother and her baby in

Continue reading "Wild dogs attack and kill 4 people in park near Mexico City"

An example of sexism in print media
- the Toronto Star

At first, it looks like the typical kind of CBC poking story that is already way too prevalent in Canada. But this story has an additional twist - it

Continue reading "An example of sexism in print media
- the Toronto Star"

Random sexism - big and small

By most people's sexism definition, there is still sexism in advertising, sexism in the media and sexism in the workplace. Here's a wee spotlight to help bring the issue into focus..

Continue reading "Random sexism - big and small"

Thinking Observer

Thinking Observer is not your usual analysis and opinion on the news and other hot topics. This Toronto-based North American spectator has lots of surprises....

Continue reading "Thinking Observer"

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