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Animal News

There are increasing reports of animals in the news for a variety of reasons. The most alarming are the reports of animal attacks. We're seeing reports of attacks from animals that we don't normally hear about. And the unprovoked attacks are occurring in unusual places too - including people's own property!

The other big change in animal news reporting comes from the sighting of wild animals in urbanized areas. The reports started mainly with deer when I first noticed the trend. But the news has quick morphed into much more serious encounters with bears, cougars and huge snakes, to name just a few.

You really get a sense of the impact of these increased reports when you see the events mapped.

Then the seriousness of the issue comes to life quickly.

The map is not comprehensive. It is only updated with news reports I come across and update as I have time. You can help though, by adding your own reports. See below for where to add your report...

How to use this map

Click on any of the map icons below to see a short description of the event.

Each description box will give you a link to the page that tells you more.

Or, scan the Mapped News Events List below and click on any of the event headings to read more. Below the map you'll also find an Icon Legend, and a place to add your comments.

Want more detail?

You can use the selector tools to further narrow down your research by year, region and type of event.

Choose the type of news you'd like to see below,
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