Animal News - an Overview

Are animals becoming more newsworthy?

Have you noticed that there seem to be a sudden increase in animal news stories? 2011 seems to be the year that the new trend has really taken off.

It used to be that most animal stories were warm and cuddly, heartwarming stories of pets, or working dogs helping someone. They were the kind of filler stories that local TV stations and "soft" newspapers use to fill space, and leave their viewers with a smile.

Only occasionally, you would see stories involving not-so-happy interactions between humans and animals, and most often had to do with animal cruelty. But again, these types of stories were usually for slow news days.

What has got my attention though, is that there is increasing news coverage of other types of animals in the news, and for very interesting reasons.

From what I see, there are three new "categories" of news about animals that are gaining traction:

Urban Wildlife interactions

  • Wild animals are increasingly appearing in urban areas. Besides the shock factor, they often interfere with human activity, with strange or sad consequences.

Wild Animal Attacks

  • There are an increasing number of news stories about wild animal attacks on humans, and sometimes on pets or other animals. What's behind the sudden increase?

Mass Animal Deaths

  • Animal deaths make the news when there are huge numbers of animal death, usually under mysterious circumstances. This kind of weird animal news is usually just filler, but can attract interesting theories and links to other phenomenon.

Urban Farming Animals

  • Perhaps it's a product of the local food movement, or maybe it's just a way of dealing with the modern realities of urban food shortages. Either way, there seems to be a trend towards urban farming, and that sometimes includes farm animals, usually chickens. But can larger farm animals be far behind?

I think that these are trends that are worth making note of. To help, I've set up a small way to help track each of these types of animals in the news stories, and you can see the recent news, analysis and opinion for each type of news. And, you can add your own stories too, along with you analysis and opinion on any story you see.

At the right, you'll also see a summary of current wild animal news stories. Check them out, and see if you agree that there is a trend developing along the lines I've noted above.

The news stories update automatically, so bookmark the pages of animal news stories you're interested in, and check back often.

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