Animals in the News

More wildlife encounters in urban areas...

Deer in residential area

Have you noticed that there seem to be more and more animals in the news under the "weird news" category?

I don't mean the cute and cuddly animal stories, I'm thinking of the stories that revolve around wild animals suddenly appearing in urban areas.

Off the top of my head, in the last year alone, I've heard or read about North American urban areas getting visits from deer, bear, moose and even a cougar.

And they are no longer hanging out in backyards near forested areas either. There have been reports of wild animals in malls, churches, restaurants and even factories.

In Africa, there are increasing reports of rampaging elephant herds causing great damage to villages.
And, also strangely, even animals in zoos have been escaping and ending up in odd places.

What's up with that?

So, I decided to start a small collection of these odd news stories, and see if there is a pattern emerging. Is it just that we are getting better at reporting on wild animals in the news?

Or is there really an increasing number of events?

From what I can read between the lines, there really is a sudden increase in the number of animal stories. And even local officials and scientists are starting to notice.

It's time to start tracking what's going on in some way that the general public can study, so that we can think about what precautions we may need to take. Or even how we may need to adjust the way we go about our day. Times are a'changing.

You can help this news collection too. If you know of any weird animal news stories of strange wild animals in our turf, or other noteworthy animals in the news stories, you can add it here.

Let's see if we can make sense of a pattern...

Have weird animal news?

Do you have a great story about wild animals found in unexpected human areas? Or other weird animal news?

Whether you experienced it, or heard / read about it, if you know that it is a true story, share it here!

Weird Animal News - Sightings in strange places

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Wild Boar wanders into butcher shop (Germany, Dec 2010) Not rated yet
If wild boar could read, you can bet he would not have chosen a butcher shop to run into. But, as it happened, the boar's hour long rampage in a butcher …

Deer in city restaurant - Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Not rated yet
Despite the fact that Vaughan is a very built-up city, just north of Toronto, a young deer somehow found its way to the parking lot of Maple Lanes Plaza, …

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