Atheism is not a religion

Atheism is a Religion like Silence is a Music Genre

Atheism is a Religion like Silence is a Music Genre

As more and more people self-identify as atheist, the more push-back there is from people who aren't.

And one of the bedrock beliefs that non-atheists stubbornly cling to is the notion that people "must" believe in something. And so, to square that idea with the existence of atheism, the default assumption is that atheism is just like another form of religion.

This idea makes atheism easier to accept as an option - just another item on the list of religions to choose from.

It's also wrong.

Atheism is NOT a religion. Atheism is the absence of religion.

This is more than just semantics though. By taking the idea of atheism off the "list" it forces us to recognize atheism for what it is - a completely different world view that does not even include religion.

And with that, all of the mental and social baggage that goes with it.

It's like a golden oasis of silence in the cacophony from religious institutions, rules and rites, preachers and regulators.

The peace that comes from freedom of thought.

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