Beaver Attack News Reports

In the ever growing field of strange animal attacks, we can now add beaver attack news.

Beaver Attack News

Image courtesy of Daily Motion

The beaver is not historically associated with violence towards humans, but a few recent stories indicate that this trait is changing.   

In certain areas, a growing beaver population has led to destruction of property, and the beaver has become a downright pest in places like Belarus.

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Here are some news reports on these recent wild animal attacks....

Beaver mauls man to death in Belarus

What started out as a photo op with some local wildlife ended in tragedy for a man in Belarus.

A 60 year old man in Ostromechevo out for a drive with his friends asked that they stopped so that he could take a wildlife photo.  Foolishly, he chose to grab a beaver to include in the photo.

The beaver attacked the man, using his razor sharp huge teeth to gnash his leg - severing an artery in the process.  Despite the efforts of the man's friends, he bled to death.

The story is shocking, but there is at least the obvious warning to the rest of  us - don't grab a wild animal!

But what also struck me about the news stories about this attack is the widespread change in animal behavior that preceded the attack. 

From the BBC:

In Belarus, a large increase in the beaver population has been blamed after a number of attacks on humans by the large rodents.

Is this then signalling a change in the type of beaver behavior?  Till now, most attacks have been from rabid wild animals. But as beaver populations increase and they come more into contact with humans, will this change?

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