Clear thinking in public policy

How to end poverty and homelessness 

Any one who has an interest in using public policy to end poverty and homelessness should read the article below.

It is a perfect example of how we can bring clarity and real results to government policy.  Better still, we can implement real solutions at a much cheaper cost than the smorgasbord of programs that exist now.  

We CAN end homelessness with public policy - if we choose toWe CAN end homelessness if we CHOOSE to with clear public policy

Let's face it.  Most of the programs we have now to address poverty and homelessness are hugely bureaucratic, mainly because there is the huge overhead of making sure that only people that "deserve" help, get it.

Yet, we have no such overhead for the many, many programs that help business supposedly "create" jobs. 

As if.

The reality is that consumers truly "pay" for jobs, and hence, only consumers can truly "create" jobs.  Giving money to buyers make much more sense than giving money to sellers.

Writer Edward Keenan brings a refreshing take on how easy it could be to truly resolve poverty and homelessness.

Please send this article to every politician you elect - they could all benefit from the lesson in clarity for public policy.

Poverty and homelessness are complicated topics. The underlying causes of them are complicated, and endlessly discussed. The symptoms of poverty and homelessness are equally complicated. To the extent that much of our social policy aims to address the issues by treating both causes and symptoms, they are complicated too: a tangled web of food banks, emergency…

What the poor need, business gets in spades

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