Deer in city restaurant - Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

by Anna

Despite the fact that Vaughan is a very built-up city, just north of Toronto, a young deer somehow found its way to the parking lot of Maple Lanes Plaza, at the corner of Keele St and Major Mackenzie Drive (two main roads).

When the deer became frightened by a car's movement, it went crashing through the plate glass window of a Subway restaurant, frightening staff and customers. (continued below map)

continued below map...

On the sunny afternoon of June 21st, 2011, perhaps the glass reflection signaled safety to the deer. But it only resulted in death instead.

While the deer did survive the initial crash through the window, it was quite injured and in obvious pain. York Regional Police shot the animal to end its misery.

Apparently, the removal of the carcass then becomes the responsibility of the property owner. Luckily the insurance company of restaurant owner, Bruno Stirpe, will make the necessary arrangements.

York Regional Police Insp. Fred Moffatt is quoted in the Ottawa Citizen as saying that "in the past three or four weeks there have been several cases of deer colliding with vehicles."

This doesn't seem normal for Vaughan, as it is a very developed city, and the area of Keele and Major Mackenzie is a typical suburban plaza.

In fact, the owner is quoted in the Toronto Star as saying "I’ve owned this property since 1973 and I have never seen a deer."

That sounds like what you would expect in this "city above Toronto".

I'd be curious to know the experience of people from Vaughan. You can comment below....


  • The Toronto Star

  • Ottawa Citizen


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