Does the US deserve its reputation as warmonger?

You would think that the latest claims that Syria has used chemical weapons on its citizens would provoke worldwide horror and discussion on the event.

While there does seem to be consensus that there was a chemical attack, there is less consensus on the perpetrators.

If the Syrian government did launch the attack to silence its critics, would they not revel in their show of ultimate power?
Instead, they deny it.

So... informed discussion should be on how to prove or disprove who is to blame for the attacks.

Instead world attention shifts to the US.

The US, as self-appointed world super-cops.

Suddenly, the event itself takes the back seat to what actions will be taken by a third party.

In watching reactions from most, there seems to be a consensus that the US will be seen as a warmonger.

This comment, from a Letter to the Editor to the Toronto Star, captures the mood:

"If the U.S. showed the same interest in making peace as it does in making war, the world would be a much better place."

The letter writer, Gary Dale, does not have much faith in US claims of evidence when it comes to reasons for taking military action.

It's not hard to see why. The ultimately phony claims of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction has destroyed American credibility for generations.

So it shouldn't be surprising that the UK populace voted against military intervention.

There are other parties that would benefit from armed intervention in Syria - not least among them is the weapons industry.

On the other hand, what if US intelligence got it right this time, and the Syrian government is to blame?

Then what?

Does the rest of the world stand idly by?

Or, if there is military action, it would be a given that more innocent lives would be lost. There is no where to hide from a foreign military attack, any more than you could hide from a chemical attack - regardless of who is responsible.

But, if lives are lost due to US military action, there won't be any question of who unleashed the weapons.

And THAT would invite it's own response.

Does the US really want to feed this madness again?

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