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You may think of dogs as the ultimate pet, yet dog attack reports make the news regularly.  How regularly?  Just about every day!  I don't know about you, but that really surprised me.  And I was already afraid of dogs! 

dog attack picture

You may think that they are all pit bull dog attack stories - and in fact, the infamous pit bull does have a disproportionate role to play in news stories.  

But, there are other types of dogs involved as well.  Also on the infamous list are Rottweillers and German Shepherds, among others. 

 That German Shepherds made the list actually did not surprise me, as I grew up two house over from a nasty one that used to frighten me.  It even jumped over our fence into our back yard and chased me up the stairs.

Later, at a different house, other German Shepherds chased both my brother and sister - luckily they both got away before having to deal with an attack.

In my neighbourhood today, the lady across the street goes for her daily walk after being attacked by a pet Doberman a few blocks away.  Great family pet, huh?

And that leads me to the other interesting thing about these animal attack stories that I have discovered in the news.  Being attacked by the family pet is not all that uncommon either.  Sometimes they attack people in the neighbourhood, but sometimes a dog will attack its owner's family.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Read up on highlighted news stories and visitor reports below.  You'll see that it isn't just the highlighted stories that are noted, there are also plenty of stories in the other section: In the News Today.

Remember that only the more serious stories make the news at all!  Then wonder to yourself how many attacks there may be that are not reported.

Speaking of which, you can add your own report of a dog attack here.

Lots to chew on before you go for your next walk in the neighbourhood...

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Do you know of someone attacked by a dog that isn't reported here yet? What happened?

Or, do you have comments or insights to offer on why there are so many reports of people attacked by dogs?

Share it here...

p.s. you can also upload a dog attack picture or include the link to an attack video, if you have it.

Reports of people attacked by dogs and commentary...

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Wild dogs attack and kill 4 people in park near Mexico City Not rated yet
Pack of Dogs in Mexico Kills Four People Mexico Moderate // Animal Attack A pack of stray dogs killed four people, including a mother and her baby …

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Still think dogs make great family pets?

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