Don't touch that plague!

No Masks?!! Archeological dig in London uncovers Black Plaque victims (news video thumbnail)

No Masks?!! Archeological dig in London uncovers Black Plaque victims (news video thumbnail)

"My flabber was never so gasted when I read archeologists are digging up the burial grounds of the Black Plague.

Does anyone think this might not be such a smart idea? After all it is the Black Plague.

This is one group of archeologists I just can't dig."

Terry Toll

This highly insightful quote comes to you from a letter to editor in the Toronto Star, 25 Mar 2013.

In case you've forgotten, the Black Death killed about one-third of the population in England between 1348 and 1350, and worldwide is reported to have killed somewhere between 75 and 200 million people.

So this year, while digging out land for a railway in London, it seems that they stumbled on a mass grave that is likely related to the Black Death.

The news about this incredible dig is truly amazing.. Watch the news videos for details...

And the writer's fears are well founded as it turns out.

For some bizarre reason, there are also scientists that are actively working to recreate the Black Plague genome.

Has the world gone mad?

And lest you think that the chances of anyone contracting this awful disease are nil, well, think again...

A 7-year-old girl in Colorado contracted the bubonic plague in June 2012. Luckily she has recovered.

How does this work exactly?

Is it really safe to assume that bacteria from hundreds of years ago would be okay to handle today?

In a world where there is talk of recreating living cells from dinosaurs from fossil DNA, is it really safe to assume that?

Do archeologists automatically have the right to dig up whatever they want, without concern for the possible impact on the living?

Is there civilian oversight any where?

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