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As the number and severity of gas explosions increase, so do the number of class action lawsuits. Increasingly, part of the aftermath of gas explosions is searching for a lawyer with experience in settlements concerning natural gas explosions or propane explosions.

Are common themes developing as to how these cases are being presented? What can we learn from settlements, not only from the class action lawsuits, but also with regulatory bodies?

I believe we can learn from successful lawsuits about other types of explosions. We can also get guidance from past settlements give us a guide for future settlements.

Working with a
Gas Explosion Lawyer

Before you look for a gas explosion lawyer, it can help to know what types of questions to ask about their experience.

continued below...

You can also help your own case along if you are as well informed as you can be about similar cases, and what is a legitimate claim, and what may not be.

While every case has specific issue to deal with, there are common approaches taken by the law and regulators that deal with issues of personal injury and possible corporate negligence.

This page will provide you with the news today on class action lawsuits and regulatory penalties concerning gas explosions - you'll see that to the left.

As time permits, I'll also make note of specific cases, so that you can perhaps identify patterns in the issues raised, and learn from what the gas explosion lawyers - on both sides of the issue - have handled the case.

Please add details of gas explosion lawsuits that you know of as well.

My hope is that the industry and regulatory laws can be improved by learning from past mistakes.

Hope this helps you!

Lawsuits about Explosions


Know of an explosion lawsuit?

Whether you experienced it, or heard / read about an explosion lawsuit, share it here!

What we're most interested in are natural gas explosions or propane explosions, but it is quite likely that lawsuits resulting from other types of explosions would also be helpful.

Tell us where and when the lawsuit was filed, and if any settlement was reached. Any other details that help us understand the issues of the case are helpful too.

Details about the explosion itself can be reported here.

If you have any photos or videos, they can be uploaded too.

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