Farmer eaten by pigs - near Bandon, Oregon, 26 Sept 2012

Farmer's partial remains found in pig enclosure

Farmer's partial remains found in pig enclosure


It's not often that you hear a farm animal attack story. Yet this bizarre news of farm pigs attacking, and then eating, their owner, comes from the Coos Country District Attorneys Office in Oregon.

With too few remains to even analyze however, the macabre investigation isn't expected to go very far.

The morning routine started normally enough, with farmer Terry Vance Garner going out about 7:45 am to feed the pigs on his farm off Highway 42S, near Bandon, Oregon.

When he had not returned hours later, relatives went looking. They will forever be haunted by the discovery. His dentures were found first, lying on the ground. Then, scattered throughout the pig enclosure, they discovered pieces of his body.

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Map of farm animal attack near Bandon, Oregon

Analysis and Opinion

This terrible story of a fatal animal attack is only the latest in a string of bizarre news stories where animals have attacked the very people who normally care for them.

Other News Reports of Farm Pig Attacks:

  • Jan 2007, Norfolk, England ~ A "51-year-old man was knocked over by a sow at a Norfolk farm in eastern England on Sunday, prompting the rest of the herd to attack him."

  • June 2006, Wales ~ A pig pinned a farmer against a tractor and bit him on the back of both legs, his back and left arm. One of the bites nearly severed an artery. The attack only stopped when the farmer's wife turned a hose on the pig.

  • Mar 2004, Romania ~ "..angry pigs knocked a farmer's wife unconscious and began eating her..." When discovered by her husband, her fingers, ear and half of her face had been bitten off. She later died from her injuries.

More recently, a few reports have been coming in about zoo animals attacking their keepers in 2012:
  • Sept 2012, Zookeeper in the Czech Republic attacked by pygmy hippo

  • Aug 2012, Tiger attacks zookeeper in Santiago, Chile

  • Aug 2012, Tiger kills zookeeper in Cologne Zoo, Germany

  • June 2012 - Wolves attacked and killed their zookeeper in Sweden

  • Apr 2012, Elephant kills zookeeper at New Zealand Zoo

  • Feb 2012, Lion kills zookeeper in South African zoo

What to make of these incidents?

Are animals becoming more aggressive towards humans?
Even people that the animals were dependent on for food?

Or is this just nature asserting itself over unaware and unlucky humans?

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Local news video from KVAL

For More Information

Best Local News:

The Register-Guard, October 2, 2012, Death of farmer eaten by hogs investigated

    Other news reports:

  • NBC News, "70-year-old Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs"

  • CNN News Blog, "Farmer eaten by his own hogs"

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