Gas Leak - News Trend?

If you're like most people, you probably think of a gas leak as a rare occurrence. It may seem like an inconvenience, brought about by a construction crew that wasn't paying attention to where they dig.

But check out these news stories about leaks of natural gas, leaks of propane gas, gas tank leak, gas line leak, leaks of chlorine gas, and other lp gas.

Bet you didn't even realize that there were so many types of gas that could have a dangerous leak, did you?

Does the number of leak stories surprise you?

Have you also noticed how often there are evacuations of large areas? And how often people have to go to hospital for follow up after breathing in noxious fumes?

And, hopefully, the leak is where the story ends. All too often, the leak is a pre-cursor to a gas explosion. And those news stories are often deadly.

Natural Gas Leaks

Gas Leak News in the Making

The most common problem is leaks of natural gas. Before I started monitoring these stories, I thought that it was a rare occurrence that occurred mainly at processing plants, or at individual buildings where maintenance was poor. In short, not generally even worth a story in the mainstream news.

In fact though, I often see news stories that detail entire neighborhoods being evacuated due to major leaks of natural gas.

And the reason that they are being evacuated is the risk of natural gas explosion - not as uncommon occurrence as you would think either.

Moral of the stories?

Make sure you have a current combustible gas leak detector in your home and work place. And if you do smell gas, don't ignore it. It could be the early warning signal you need to get out safely.

In the News Today


Know of a gas leak news story in your area?

Whether you experienced it, or heard / read about a newsworthy gas leak, share it here!

Tell us where it happened, if there were evacuations or other interruptions, and any reports on the cause.

If you have any photos or videos, they can be uploaded too.

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