Natural Gas Explosions 2012 - October

To get an idea of just how common natural gas explosions really are, here are a number of explosions in 2012 that occurred in the month of October alone.

The list of explosions are set up by day, and include news summaries, maps and gas explosion videos where available. This list is not comprehensive. If you know of something missing, please add any news of gas explosions for this month at the bottom of the page. For other time periods, report the event here.

For the number of gas explosions reported here alone, natural gas caused:

  • the deaths of at least 3 people
  • injuries for at least 12 people
  • the destruction of at least six homes destroyed, and heavy damage to many more
  • damaged highway infrastructure

Consider too the cost to local governments to respond with emergency vehicles, and follow up costs for investigation, repair and judicial follow up.

Gas Explosions in Oct 2012

While the list of gas explosions is not comprehensive, it will give you a good idea of the larger explosions reported in the English media.

If you have knowledge of a gas explosion that is not reported here, please add it below, including any photos or video you may have.

If you have any information, photos or video to add on an explosion already included in the list, then please add your information in the comments for that explosion news report.

For reports of explosions not in October 2012, you can report them here.

Natural Gas Explosions in October 2012 - Event List



State / Province



6 Oct 2012


Hunan Province

Huaihua City

Natural Gas Tanker Explodes on highway, Hunan Province, central China

8 Oct 2012




Strong gas pipeline explosion rocks Eastern Turkey. Blame placed on "terror attack committed by militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)"

12 Oct 12



Castle Rock

Five Injured, house destroyed by natural gas explosion

17 Oct 2012




Gas explosion blows out exterior wall in vacant home after someone tries to steal gas pipe

18 Oct 2012




Man receives second-degree burns, has home destroyed when natural gas water heater explodes

19 Oct 2012




Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion injured two people and forced the evacuation of 600 residents

22 Oct 2012




Woman dies when house explodes while she sleeps
- Riviera Times

27 Oct 2012




Woman killed in house explosion caused by natural gas

28 Oct 2012




Man dies in house explosion likely caused by natural gas

continued below map...

Know of a natural gas explosion in October 2012?

Whether you experienced it, or heard / read about a natural gas explosion, propane or gas line explosion, or some other type of gas explosion, share it here!

Tell us where it happened, if any one was hurt, what damage there was and any reports on the cause.

If you have any photos or videos, they can be uploaded too.

Gas Explosions, Oct 2012: Featured News and Commentary

Click below to see featured gas explosion news and commentary for this month...

Natural Gas Tanker Explodes on highway

- Hunan Province, central China, 6 Oct 2012
 Not rated yet
A tanker, carrying liquefied natural gas, overturned as it neared a bridge on China's Changde-Jishou Expressway in Huaihua City (Yunling county, Hunan …

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