Natural Gas Explosions in March 2013

To get an idea of just how common natural gas explosions really are, here are a number of explosions in 2012 that occurred in the month of March 2013.

The list of explosions are set up by day, and include news summaries, maps and gas explosion videos where available. This list is not comprehensive. If you know of something missing, please report the event here.

For the number of gas explosions reported here for the month of XXXXXX alone, natural gas caused:

  • the deaths of at least 3 people
  • injuries for at least 12 people
  • the destruction of at least six homes destroyed, and heavy damage to many more
  • damaged highway infrastructure

Consider too the cost to local governments to respond with emergency vehicles, and follow up costs for investigation, repair and judicial follow up.

Gas Explosions in Oct 2012

While the list of gas explosions is not comprehensive, it will give you a good idea of the larger explosions reported in the English media.

If you have knowledge of a gas explosion that is not reported here, please add it below, including any photos or video you may have.

If you have any information, photos or video to add on an explosion already included in the list, then please add your information in the comments for that explosion news report.

Natural Gas Explosions in March 2013 - Event List


Location: Country, State / Province, City
Explosion Event Details

2 Mar 

USA, Utah, Jensen

Explosion at Adler Hot Oil Service Company. 
A home plus eight other buildings within 600 yards were destroyed. 

Source: - Gas-explosion-rattles-Uintah-County

4 Mar

China, Liaoning, Shenyang

Underground gas pipeline explosion occurred in the morning at construction site in front of a shopping mall.  More than 20 workers injured, and windows shattered by the blast. 

Source:,  Gas explosion in China injures 20

4 Mar

USA, Arkansas, Shirley

Natural gas erupted at a BHP compressor station. 25 homes and 35 to 40 people were evacuated .

SourceArkansas Online: Van Buren County residents evacuated after gas explosion

7 Mar

USA, Illinois, Granite City 

Natural gas caught fire near a grinding machine at the American Steel Plant, causing a flash explosion but no fire.  Two workers in critical condition and several others injured.

SourceSt Louis Post Dispatch: Explosion injures several American Steel workers in Granite City

See something missing for this month's report on gas explosions?

Please report it here.

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