Natural Gas Explosions

More common than you may realize....

Look at advertising for natural gas and you are likely to see the word "safe". Yet, if that were true, why is there so many natural gas explosions being reported in the news?

The most dramatic event I know of is the gas line explosion that occurred in San Bruno, California, in September, 2010.

That horrific event seems like a turning point in terms of news coverage. But most mass media still treat each individual event as an item of odd news, often only reported at the local news level.

Having watched this topic for several months, the inescapable conclusion is that a gas explosion is a far more regular occurence than most people realize.

Having watched this topic for several months, the inescapable conclusion is that a gas explosion is a far more regular occurence than most people realize.

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Gas Explosion Aftermath

The risk is not just a gas line explosion, like at San Bruno. There is also the risk of a gas tank explosion as well - potentially even more deadly.

A gas explosion has tremendous force and can do a lot of damage - often destroying not only the building where the gas leak occurred, but often other buildings around it as well.

But, unfortunately, the other trend I've noticed is that the news of an explosion is more likely to include news of a fatality. Sometimes, several people are hurt or killed by the explosion, depending on the size of the building, and the time of day of the blast.

Most often, it seems that the blame is put on construction workers near the area that accidentally hit a gas line.

Other times, the explosion seems to be related to a gas leak that was not acted upon quickly enough.

I doubt though, whether most people are even aware of just how dangerous a gas leak can be.

Even small amounts of gas vapor can result in an explosion is the right conditions exist.

Clearly what is needed is a huge education campaign to let people know of the real danger - similar to what was done with carbon monoxide.

And, it would be extremely helpful if gas leak detectors were a required item in each building with natural gas, propane or other flammable gases are used.

This is an area crying out for legislation.

Are natural gas explosions
happening more frequently?

The risk of leaks from gas pipeline failure increases with age - that is an unavoidable fact. And pipelines of all kinds have a predictable life span.

Given that much of North America had natural gas pipelines installed within a relatively short period of time, it stands to reason that pipeline failure will occur in roughly the same time-frame.

Could the massive natural gas explosions at San Bruno be a harbinger of similar events across North America?

What do you think? Add your comments below.

In the News Today


Know of a natural gas explosion in your area?

Whether you experienced it, or heard / read about a natural gas explosion, propane or gas line explosion, or some other type of gas explosion, share it here!

Tell us where it happened, if any one was hurt, what damage there was and any reports on the cause.

If you have any photos or videos, they can be uploaded too.

Gas Explosions: News Highlights and Commentary

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Explosion in Indianapolis most likely due to natural gas

Two homes were utterly destroyed in an explosion in a suburban area of Indianapolis. The explosion resulted in the deaths of two people who were in the basement o the home next door to the house that exploded. In addition, 31 homes in the area have been severely damaged. Luckily, the home owners were away at the time of the blast.

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