Random Sexism

Sexism in advertising, sexism in the media, sexism in the workplace
and at home - where it all starts....

Here's my sexism definition:

Projecting negative traits on someone, based on their gender.
Most commonly directed at females.

This definition may not match Webster's dictionary.  But I think that it does pretty well summarize what most of us mean when we use the term.

By most people's definition of sexism, there is still sexism to be found around us, even in our modern, supposedly enlightened society.  And yet, as a whole, we tend to act as if it's an "old" issue..  As if somehow, it's an issue that is only found in small pockets, and only perhaps practiced by an older generation.

Always shocking to me, is the notion that young women often have, that it is an issue that their mothers had to face, but it's all over now.  

Not quite.

As some have said before, it may well be simply because they haven't experienced enough of life to really feel the discrimination affect them.  And it will probably happen more than a few times before they realize that it isn't just the odd folks they come in contact with.

Random Sexism is Gender Discrimination

Instead, sexism is like smog - barely visible, but toxic nonetheless.

And while sexism does cut both ways, it still tends to affect women negatively far more so than men.

While any one circumstance may seem like too small an issue to get worked up over, the real problem is the cumulative effect.

Like pebbles hitting a plate glass window, the first few are hurtful and annoying.  Given a constant barrage though, the glass will eventually shatter and break.  

Think of that glass as the transparent facade that all of us show the world, and you start to get a feel for the effect of sexism in society on the individual's sense of self.

So, in the spirit of the wonderful Everyday Sexism Project, I invite you to add your own observations to examples of sexism that you notice in public, or in private, as you see fit.

Perhaps by shining a spotlight on the issue, it will help to dissolve the toxic effect.

Please add your examples below - and share them on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you think it's worth saying.

Every bit helps!

Share your examples of sexism

Do you have an example of sexism in the media, in advertising, in the workplace, home and anywhere else...?

Share it here...

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