Sexual consent is....

by Gender Watcher

Sexual consent is too low a bar....
Aim for Enthusiasm!

This is the kind of thought that makes your heart smile.

How nice to be able to clearly, simply get to the nub of what sexual relationship can be and should be.

It's a huge relief to be able to bring up the topic of sexual consent without evoking horrid thoughts (or memories) of all the times it fails to make an appearance.

Relationships can be hard at the best of times, but sexual encounters, almost by definition, reveal us at in our most charged and fragile state.

How nice to have found a lovely little mantra to bring a level of respect and joy to those awkward moments leading up to The Act.

I came across this lovely thought hidden deep in the comments area of a story in The Guardian, titled The best comebacks to sexist comments, by Laura Bates - founder of the Everyday Sexism Project.

The article does a quick summary of the types of bizarre comments made to women, and women's reaction. Clearly, the article struck a nerve. As at writing, there were 20,146 comments on The Guardian itself. And social media also loved the article: shared on Facebook 20,126 times, and Tweeted 987 times, among other shares.

I came across the lovely saying in one of those over 800 comments while reading on my phone. Alas, I can no longer find it on the web, so i can't give full credit.

But I do remember the writer saying that the sentiment was being taught at her son's school, in an effort to help guide boys as they began to develop more mature relationships.

What a great idea!

Let's hope that all schools cotton on to the idea.

Teaching respect with a bit of levity is always a good idea.


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