Shining the light on #FHRITP

by GenderWatchr

Screen grab from infamous #FHRITP video that finally led to response

Screen grab from infamous #FHRITP video that finally led to response

When a City TV reporter was harassed live on air with yet another hooligan dude-bro shouting FHRITP at her, she decided she'd had enough and questioned her tormenter. You can see the whole exchange here:

The good news is that reaction has been swift and just.

Maple Leaf Entertainment has said that it will ban the hooligans from all of the sports venues for at least a year. Good on them.

One of the bozos has been fired by his employer, Hydro One. What employer would ever want that kind of person ever working for them?

And most encouraging of all, the vast majority of social response has been in support of the reporter, Shauna Hunt, who handled the whole thing with great class and restraint.

But here's what I don't get....

Why did she, and other reporters, wait so long before shining the light on the idiots who do this type of thing?

It's been going on for a couple of years, and it should have been stopped at the get go.

Any bozo that interrupts a news story to yell obscenities should get the moment of fame they seek - have the light shine on them and their bizarre behaviour - each and every time.

For that matter, why have the bosses at the media companies been allowing this to go on?

Why hasn't it been corporate policy from day one to turn the camera on these bozos and show them for what they truly are?

In a sane world, there should be a hall of shame for all the idiots, so that they can be identified via social media and deal with the consequences.

I hope that in this instance, all of the other yahoos in the background are also recognized by their friends, family, colleagues and employers.

They've got some serious explaining to do....

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