Sinkhole Reports - October 2012

October 2012 continues to show an alarming increase in the number of sinkhole reports. They are also in addition to an increase in reports of landslides and even crevasses that are appearing in the earth.

The reports here only represent some of the sink hole news items reported in English media. As you can see, that is still a pretty high number of reports.

The huge Louisiana sinkhole near Bayou Corne continues to fill the newscasts this month as well. That issue is so huge though that it is covered separately, as a developing story.

To help try and make sense of the reports, so that we can end up with useful information, I've grouped the reports according to the cause. By doing that, you can see much more quickly where improvements could be made to avoid problems in the first place.

Check the analysis and opinion area for the reports for my ideas, and add your own ideas too in the comments.

If you know of a sinkhole in October 2012 that is not reported below, then please add your report too.

And feel free to comment on any report that you see anywhere on the site.

Analysis and Opinion

Causes of sinkholes reported this month:

  • Breaks in water infrastructure - 4 reports
  • Damage caused by excessive rain

Sinkhole Reports This Month

Chula Vista, California - 3 Oct 2012

""...a 12-inch water pipe broke late on Wednesday night, causing a sinkhole to form in the area. The pipe erupted just before midnight at Rocking Horse Drive and San Lucas Place in Chula Vista. The Otay Water District estimates the sinkhole is about 15 feet wide and about 10 feet deep.

Source: Chula Vista Sinkhole Prompts Water Problems, NBC 7 San Diego

Sando, Trinidad - 5 Oct 2012

"For the second time less than a month, a sink hole has occurred along Scott Street, San Fernando, causing nightmares for motorists. It was revealed that the sink hole was caused by a ruptured 24-inch sewer main which has been in existence since the 1960s.

Due to the passage of time, the main deteriorated to the point where it collapsed on itself causing the sink hole to develop. The first sink hole less than two weeks ago was caused by a leaking WASA line ."

Source: Sink hole in Sando...again, Newsday, Trinidad & Tobago

Baltimore, Maryland - 5 Oct 2012

"Thursday, a third sinkhole opened up in the 2300 block of East Baltimore Street in east Baltimore.

The street has been closed for months, under repair for other sinkholes that opened up on July 25. While crews continue working on one portion of the street, another sinkhole opened up about 125 feet to the west of the original sinkhole, according to the Baltimore Department of Public Works.""

Source: Local News WBAL TV, "Third Sinkhole opens up on East Monument Street in Baltimore"

Augusta, Georgia - 5 Oct 2012

"A leaking water main has caused a section of pavement at Sixth and Reynolds streets to sink, forcing authorities to divert traffic to Broad Street.
A sink hole is next to a spot that had been worked on before, said Tom Wiedmeier, the director of Augusta-Richmond County Utilities.
He said there are two other deep pot holes that will also be examined."

Source: Intersection of Sixth and Reynolds streets closed because of sink hole, The Augusta Chronicle, 5 Oct 2012

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