Wild Boars attacking livestock, pets and chasing humans in
New York State

Expect to hear more about wild boars in the future

Expect to hear more about wild boars in the future

A Reuters report in July 2011 tells of an increasing wild boar population that is appearing on farms in central New York State.

Here's the part of the news report that I found interesting:

"USDA biologist Justin Gansowski said the swine have reportedly attacked livestock, killed a Labrador retriever and chased people in New York state.

continued below map...

"There's always the potential for attacks on people," said Curtis" - "a natural resources professor at Cornell University in Ithaca" *

Wild boars have been a problem in the southern states for a while, but this was the first report I have ever seen about wild boars as far north as New York State, which is getting too close for comfort....

A bit of research from the APHIS told me that "Movements of 7-8 miles a day are not un- usual for boars." *

Some more investigation into the USDA report shows a map confirming the steady growth in the area where wild boars are found. The data is pretty old, 2004 - but it does show that the area where wild boars are found roughly doubled from 1998.

Given that another 6 years has passed, it may be reasonable to assume that the area has doubled again - and that would explain the beast's presence in New York State.

Without aggressive wildlife management, where will we next be reading about wild boar intrusions?

How soon before they end up in urban areas?

Sooner than you may think, if you look at Europe's example. Read the story all the way through, and you'll see what I mean.

* Sources:

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